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This is the original website of s/v “Beach House”. (For the new site click here) ┬áIn the future I will attempt to catch this site up with what Cindy was going through and our last days, weeks and months together. It will be a sad and yet cathartic voyage through our lives and Cindy’s unstoppable pain. I will slowly begin this voyage, but most likely will not take on the challenge till more time passes; perhaps this Fall/Winter of 2011-2012.

Dear Friends,
As you may know, I lost Cindy Stolnitz, the love of my life on March 13th, 2011. Ironically, this would have been my Father’s 83rd birthday. Healing has been a very difficult process and it will be a process. All of our close family and friends have been great supporters. I love and appreciate you all. In an effort to continue on as Cindy would have wished, I am beginning a new chapter of my life but not without Cindy along. Though not yet up to date which may take months, these pages have the journeys of Cindy and Scott Stolnitz aboard s/v Beach House. This is a website within the website. This is the archives of our voyages together. Within these pages I will attempt to create new posts, video and photographs to share both the celebration of Cindy’s life and some insight as to the pain she suffered.

The new layout of this homepage is to bring the memory and life of Cindy along with new friends who may venture with me aboard s/v Beach House. To this end it has been recreated in a new image. This is a journey I do to honor her. Perhaps one day I will understand, but not now. Though with sadness for the time being, I hope to push on to a brighter day where only the happy memories of our 20 years together will remain. In the meanwhile I grieve at her loss and will attempt to create brighter days ahead.

Please Enjoy, cry and hold your loved ones close. It is the best we can do.

Scott (Los Angeles, California April 22, 2011)

I received this letter from the California Donor Transplant Network. It was Cindy’s wish to give the gift of life by being an organ donor.

April 14, 2011

Dear Mr. Stolnitz,

We would like to express our deepest sympathy to you and your family for the loss of your wife, Cindy. Your family’s kindness and generosity have dramatically changed the lives of waiting transplant recipients. We would like to share the outcome of Cindy’s donation in the hope that this information will comfort you in the weeks and months ahead.

Both of the kidneys were successfully transplanted. One of the kidney recipients is a 48 year old man from the Bay Area. The recipient of the other kidney is a 23 year old woman from Central California. She is married and has 2 young children. These recipients are looking forward to healthier and more active lives, free of dialysis.

Consent was given for the recovery of the liver and heart. The liver recipient is a 49 year old woman from Central California. She is married and has 3 sons. The recipient of Cindy’s heart is a young boy who is approaching his teenage years from Canada. They would have not survived without these lifesaving transplants. Because of your generosity, you have forever changed the lives of these recipients, as well as the lives of their family and friends.

On behalf of the California Transplant Donor Network, the recipients, and their families, thank you. We hope that you will be comforted, knowing that these gifts were gratefully received.

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